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  •  Brussels-Capital, Anderlecht English 3
  •  Brussels-Capital, Anderlecht English 3
  •  Brussels-Capital, Anderlecht English 3

Anderlecht, Brussels-Capital, Belgium

Anderlecht is located in the heart of the Brussels-Capital Region, and is a dynamic and diverse municipality.
Discover the key characteristics of this cosmopolitan region:
Population and density: Anderlecht is one of the most densely populated communes in Brussels, with a population of around 122547. Its population density, 6908 inhabitants per square kilometre, is relatively high, reflecting the diversity and vitality of the municipality.
Surface area: Despite its density, Anderlecht retains green spaces, parks and leisure areas. The municipality covers 17.74 square kilometres.
Wealth index: Anderlecht offers a wide range of living standards, from affluent residential neighbourhoods to more affordable areas. The wealth index varies accordingly.
Real Estate: The Anderlecht real estate market is diverse, with flats, single-family homes and social housing. Prices vary according to location and property type.
Transport: Anderlecht benefits from an excellent transport network, including metro, tram and bus lines. The Gare du Midi, one of Brussels' main railway stations, is nearby, offering national and international connections.
Schools: The municipality has several primary schools, including the Saint-Vincent primary school and the Cèdre primary school. These schools offer a quality education for young residents.
High schools: Notable secondary schools in Anderlecht include Collège Saint-Guidon and Collège Saint-Pierre. They offer a wide range of educational programmes for secondary school pupils.
Universities: Anderlecht has no universities on its territory, but residents have easy access to the renowned universities of Brussels.
Hospitals: The municipality is well served in terms of healthcare, with the Erasme hospital being one of the most important. In addition, there are numerous doctors' surgeries and pharmacies.
Employment: Anderlecht offers a wide variety of employment opportunities, with local businesses, European institutions nearby and active shopping districts.
Points of interest: Visitors can explore the history and culture of Anderlecht by visiting the Anderlecht Abbey, the Parc Astrid and the Constant Vanden Stock stadium, home of the famous RSC Anderlecht football club.
Anderlecht embodies the diversity of Brussels, offering a wealth of opportunities, cultural experiences and international connections. Visitors will find a vibrant city life combined with a rich history and cosmopolitan atmosphere.

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